Driven Performance

For all your "Performance Driven" needs!

For all your "Performance Driven" needs!

Chassis Tour

Simplicity through design. And that’s just it, D1 Chassis simply just works! Our goal is to provide our drivers and owners with a product that is undeniable one of the nicest micro sprint chassis on the market today. We take pride in the product we produce, and our pride shows through in our craftsmanship. That craftsmanship also transfers to performance on the track. We guarantee, the first lap you take in a D1 Chassis, you will feel the difference! Everything you want and need in a race car, is right here with a D1 Chassis!

Improved radiator design and mounting:

- Our  radiator provides better cooling through mounting position and size.

- The Saldana brand radiator easily mounts to the chassis down tubes with dzus button fasteners. Meaning quick and easy removal if needed! This also means there’s no need for a pesky radiator tray that is bound to crack or break.

Electrical unit mounting tray:

- Our new electrical mounting tray makes electrical and wiring simple. Close to your coils, close to the battery, and out of the way!

The Basics

Torsion Bar Car:


- D1 Chassis are torsion bar cars. Why torsion bars? Torsion bars provide consistency and stability. Our split-rack front torsion bar design provides for the utmost weight transfer and forward bite on corner exit. With that, set ups and adjustments are consistent and predictable when you need a race car that you can rely on to be there every lap of every race!

Jacob’s Ladder:

- D1 Chassis are Jacob’s Ladder cars. Our Jacob’s Ladder geometry is specific to provide that side bite every driver is looking for on corner exit. We guarantee the first lap you take in a D1, you will know exactly what we are talking about!

- Added bonus, every D1 Jacob’s Ladder is adjustable to fine tune your car with changing track surfaces..

Safety Features

Safety Bars:

SmithBar_2 SmithBar

- Our 1 1/4″, .083 wall down tubes provide the utmost strength and protection. Safety is very important to us and we want you to be sure that your driver is in the safest place possible out on the track. All of our D1 Chassis’ come standard with a left side ‘J-bar’ (aka ‘smith bar’) and right side ‘sissy bar’ for added driver protection when it is needed most.


- The option of a full left side arm guard is available. This upgrade option provides a sleek look and for some added drivers comfort. In place of the ‘J-bar’, the option a ‘sissy bar’ behind the panel can be added.

*We understand that some drivers do not care for these safety features such as a ‘J bar’ or ‘sissy bar’. Therefore, upon request we can construct a chassis with either of these features removed.

- We also offer an roll cage halo upgrade for added extra protection.
- An option of an .083 wall chassis is also available upon request.

Driver Comfort

RollCage FrankTall

- Race car drivers come in all different shapes and sizes. We want every one of our drivers to find their level of comfort their first time in the car. Our chassis has extra roll cage height to give our drivers to most cushion possible when it is needed.

- Our chassis kits come standard with fiberglass 2 piece hood/nose and arm guards. The less sheet metal around the driver, the less radiant heat there is from vibration with in the cockpit. That’s why our sleek body is not only designed for looks but also for comfort!

- Our arm guard design creates the necessary elbow room for any size driver. The right side arm guard panel also allows for better air flow through the chassis to keep our drivers cool and comfortable. Not to mention it just plain looks cool!

The Complete Package

Let’s face it. We are proud of our race cars and we think they look mean! The D1 Chassis was first designed to go fast and handle well. Second, it was designed to look the part too! All of our components come anodized black: radius rods, spindles, birdcages, arms, ALL of it. We want your D1 to be the fastest race car you have ever owned, and the nicest!